Recent Jobs

Water Park for Network 10 TV Show: The Living Room.


Growing Things was approached to construct the landscaping for the TV show ‘The Living Room.’ We completed the job in a very timely fashion and the producers were delighted with the results. Growing Things feature water park was named the ‘hero’ of the outdoor renovation and will feature in Episode 4 of the tv shows upcoming series.





Turfing and garden edge


Simple backyard solution to dead couch. Sir Walter buffalo turf, mini block concrete garden edging beige colour.



Lismore Base Hospital


We pressure cleaned the front entrance of the Lismore Base Hospital in response to Covid-19. We applied a chlorofoam chemical to sanitise and a mould inhibitor afterwards.



26 Dibbs St, Baptist Community Services


This 26 unit complex has been entirely landscaped by Growing Things gardens. We are proud to partner with Bennett Constructions to deliver a place that is of exceptional standard. Growing Things gardens has constructed the keystone walls, timber edging, turfing, planting, artificial turf, vegetable beds, pebble mulch and garden bed mulch. All hard and soft landscaping. Please feel free to enquire about materials and plants used.


Independent Living Units, Alstonville

These duplexes were constructed in Alstonville, NSW. Growing Things gardens did all the hard and soft landscaping including: keystone retaining walls, timber garden edges, planting, turfing, drainage, pebble mulch and compost mulch. We supplied all materials and labour. The before and after shots show how a project comes to life once the gardens are added.










































Retaining wall, Bonalbo Hospital


Another keystone retaining wall at Bonalbo Hospital to link and match to existing. Charcoal ‘windsor’ keystone on a concrete footing. Native shrubs and hardwood chip mulch.

Turfing, Lennox Head



We laid this ‘Sir Walter’ at a new home in Lennox Heads. The site was levelled then 100mm of topsoil added, fertiliser applied, the turf laid and then watered in.

  Retaining wall, Bonalbo


We built this keystone retaining wall at Bonalbo hospital  on the top side of the staff accommodation building. It is on a concrete footing and backfilled with 20mm aggregate for drainage. An ag pipe lines the bottom of the wall.  The keystone used is ‘Windsor’ blocks and these allow the curve at the end to be negotiated easily.


Fencing, Alstonvale



We used 90 x 90 timber lengths to make this decorative and functional fence. There is a wire diamond mesh running the middle section to prevent balls from running down the hill. The top rail has been turned 45 degrees for comfort and the whole fence was painted white. The posts have been concreted into the ground and the top rails strapped with galvanised belts. It looks great and also serves a purpose.


Retaining wall, Goonellabah


This bessa block and keysone wall was built to retain the cut for the house slab. It is on concrete, steel reinforced footings. The rods run through and across both walls. The total length is 44m. The whole thing is core filled with concrete and then the drainage was installed running into the roof downpipe. The finish is excellent. All work done by Growing Things. We then went on to turf the entire yard, plant out the gardens, install the letterbox and construct a paved front entry pathway.


Paving, Goonellabah


This small paving job was done using cement beige coloured pavers. The site was cleared, 75mm of aggregate laid, levelled and compacted. Then the retaining wall was replaced. The pavers were laid, cut in and sand was brushed into the joints. It creates a much more useable space and it’s low maintenance!

Turfing, Casino



Turfing for new house, we laid this turf (couch winter green) as shown above. Also, placed aggregate down the other side of the house and a timber retaining wall for a small garden at front of house. The new home can now be used without mud being walked everywhere. All work done by Growing Things.


Retaining Wall, Goonellabah 


Keystone retaining wall. We replaced the existing timber wall with a charcoal keystone one. The garden was completely removed, replaced with small (1-3m) native flowering shrubs and mulched with tea tree mulch. The space is much tidier and cleaner with a focus on low maintenance. All work done by Growing Things.


Turfing, Teven


We laid this ‘sir Walter’ buffalo turf to finish off a backyard and it came up a treat. The area was levelled, topsoil and fertiliser applied then the turf laid, cut in and watered.


Landscaping, Ballina



We made this cottage style courtyard. The old garden was completely removed then we installed drainage, granite traventane paving, basalt stepping stones, water bowl, plants and mulch. The new garden is a relaxing and interesting place to be in. All work done by Growing Things.


Landscaping, Wollongbar




We landscaped this side of the house to create access, drainage and visual appeal. The sub base is crushed basalt. The stepping stones are 400 x 400 concrete ‘charcoal’ coloured pavers. The pebbles are 10-20mm river pebbles. A very affordable way to finish the narrow side of a house.


Retaining wall at 310 Keen St, Lismore


DSCF1973  DSCF1988

12th of March 2014. This retaining wall was built to replace the previous keystone wall. It was placed 1m back from the driveway in places in order to allow vehicles to turn into the garages. Materials used were CCA treated pine sleepers, 75mm Batten screws and rapid set concrete for the footings. The tenants are very happy with their new wall and even happier that they can now safely drive into the garages!


Landscaping at Lismore Heights


IMG_0821 IMG_0838

On May 2015 we constructed these paths, steps and concreting. The concreting joins the driveway to the existing steps. It has f-72 grade reinforcement and a soft broom finish. The crushed stone pathway winds through the garden. It is edged with a galvanised metal edging and filled with a beige crushed stone. The hardwood timber steps give access to the bottom yard. They are boxed with anchoring stakes and joined with 75mm batten screws. They were levelled and filled with the white crushed stone.


Steps built at Goonellabah Community Dental Clinic, Goonellabah



These steps were put in to improve access at the dental clinic. Made from CCA treated pine the steps were constructed using a ‘boxing’ technique to ensure the levels are correct. The timber is 200 x 50 and is fastened with 75mm ‘coach’ screws (the hex head screws.) To stop the timber pulling apart as it ages and weathers steel brackets have been nailed to the corners. The tread has then been levelled with fine metal dust to give a solid but non-slippery surface. This job was completed for under 500 dollars.


Rendered bessa block retaining wall




The original brick wall was collapsing and so it was removed and replaced with a bessa block, two tier, rendered wall. The steps were also added to give access to the backyard. The blocks were laid on a concrete footing with metal rods connecting the blocks to the footing. The whole wall was core filled with concrete. Then the wall was rendered with a fine sand render.


Timber retaining wall, Goonellabah 



In order to reduce the slope of this garden bed a timber retaining wall was constructed. It is supported by stakes in behind which the timber is bolted to so that the front face has no visible staking. The timber used is CCA treated pine sleepers and the wall is 400mm high.The original slope was cut at 200mm high and the wall put in which was backfilled with the cut soil to create even levels and a flat surface to stand on.


Retaining wall, concrete entertaining area and turfing, Goonellabah


DSCF2158 DSCF2200

This backyard was transformed to create a nice space for the family to enjoy. The concrete has been re-enforced with steel mesh and broom finished. The wall is core filled bessa blocks that have been rendered with a smooth masonry render. The turf used is soft leaf buffalo. Growing Things gardens did all work and left the site in better shape than before the work was done.