We are more than happy to provide you with a FREE quotation for the work you are looking to get done. We offer a variety of services and we know that no one job is like another, for this reason we strongly suggest you receive a customised quotation.

Our standard pricing guidelines are as follows: (not including GST)

  • Horticulturalist, Landscaping or lawn cutting work: $49.56 per hour.
  • Disposal of Green Waste Material: $80.45
  • Chemical Application: $9.91 per application.
  • Mulch: $106.74per cubic meter.
  • Paving: $123.60 per square meter. (depending on selected pavers).
  • Landscaping: site inspection required.
  • Tree lopping: site inspection required.
  • Retaining walls, fencing, timber decking etc, site specific.

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